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Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018

William P. Fisher
Mary A. Gunter
Sherry M. Homan
Sloan I. Williams

Donald J. Baker
J. Mark Goodall
Joshua J. Hardy


Lucy F. West
Tom Widder
Kelly S. Williams

Suzanna H. Goodall
B. Ellen Riggleman
Kaitlinn E. Welton
Morgan G. See
Angela R. Fraley
Rhoderick W. Gunter
Mildred H. Shockey
Brenda K. Crites
Ralph E. Sites
Mary Elizabeth Williams
Annabelle W. Barr
Morris M. Homan, Jr
Joseph A. Fisher
Lucy F. West, Jr
Frank H. Pratt
Jeff Roth
    Christian Education, Tom Widder
    Clerk of Session, Donald J. Baker Jr
    Deacons , Angela R. Fraley
    Endowment, Bill Fisher
    Growth & Communications, J. Mark Goodall
    Nominating, Kelly S. Williams
    Personnel & Sabbatical, Kelly S. Williams
    Property, Sherry Homan
    Stewardship & Finance, Josh Hardy
    Worship, Mary Gunter

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