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What Presbyterians Believe


Presbyterians affirm, above all else, the power, holiness, and love of God who creates, sustains, rules and redeems the world.

Some main beliefs are:
  • Their salvation is assured through faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore:
  • God calls them for service to others.
  • They discover this calling in a disciplined study of both the Old and New Testaments.
  • This study leads them to promote and practice a life that nourishes all other life on the planet God has provided, and to work for the fullest possible sustainable life for all God's other children, wherever they live on the planet.

Presbyterians believe that Jesus, a Jew from Nazareth, is a model of what God intended all humanity to be like.

From You Can Always Tell a Presbyterian . . . by William R. Phillippe

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John 21:15